«Helvetia Environnement commissions fully automated waste sorting facility»

With SORTERA, the first fully automated waste sorting facility in Switzerland has been commissioned. The aim is to achieve a 100% recycling and recovery rate for municipal waste. On the current Sogetri-Area, this new 20’000 m2 sorting centre processes more than 77’000 tons of waste a year from construction, industrial sites, local authorities and companies. In the presence of business partners, customers, authorities and employees, Mayor Antonio Hodgers and the management of Helvetia Environnement SA and Sogetri SA inaugurated the SORTERA system after a construction period of one and a half years.


UBS Clean Energy Infrastructure Switzerland (UBS-CEIS) KGK has held a stake in Helvetia Environnement Groupe SA since 2015.

UBS-CEIS has been managed by Fontavis since 2012.