"In Focus" 3rd issue - Onshore Wind Energy explained in a Nutshell

What distinguishes wind energy from other renewable technologies? What is the current status of onshore wind development in Europe? How does the business model of a wind farm work? These and other exciting questions will be answered in our 3rd issue of "In Focus".

Among renewable energy technologies, wind energy has for some time been regarded as the technology, around which the attention of investors centers. So it is not surprising that in 2017 onshore wind took up about 35% of the entire investment volume in renewable energy capacity with 14.8 billion Euros of capital being released. For comparison: Over the past five years, an average of 11.34 billion Euros has been deployed for new wind turbines. Learn more in our 3rd issue of "In Focus": "Onshore Wind in A Nutshell"


We regularly publish background articles on a relevant topic. So far, we have published an article on the topics "Heating Networks" and "Infrastructure as an Asset Class". These can also be downloaded in the News section.