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Änderung bei Fontavis AG in Verwaltungsrat und Geschäftsleitung

Change at Fontavis AG in Board of Directors and Management

02.10.2018 | Media Release

The founding partner, Beat Huber, has been elected to the Fontavis Board of directors after Roland Leuenberger resigned as member of the Board of directors and ...

Interview mit Thomas Schmid in Holzenergie

Interview with Thomas Schmid on Biomass Energy from Wood

01.10.2018 | News

After the shock of the oil crises, on 14.12.1979, associations from the forest and timber industry and energy technology, together with scientific experts, the ...

Wofür steht die Anlageklasse Infrastruktur?

What is the Infrastructure Asset Class?

04.09.2018 | Research

This short overview explains the essential characteristics of ‘infrastructure as an asset class’.

Warum in Fernwärmeverbünde investieren?

Why Invest in District Heating Networks?

28.08.2018 | Research

Fontavis has already made some investments in the district heating sector. This newest edition of ‘In Focus’ explains the most important characteristics of thi ...

Erfolgreiches 3. Closing UBS Clean Energy Infrastructure Switzerland 2

Successful 3rd Closing of UBS Clean Energy Infrastructure Switzerland 2

07.08.2018 | News

UBS Clean Energy Infrastructure Switzerland 2 received larger capital commitments during the third subscription period. The total subscription volume consequen ...

Erster Rammschlag für den Trianel Windpark Borkum II

First Pile Driving Blow for Trianel Windpark Borkum II

29.06.2018 | News

The construction phase of the Trianel Windpark Borkum II in the North Sea has officially begun! In the coming months, we will regularly inform you of the progr ...

Fontavis unterzeichnet Kaufvertrag für weiteren Windpark in Schweden

Fontavis Signs Purchase Agreement for Further Wind Farms in Sweden

21.12.2017 | News

FONTAVIS has signed a purchase agreement with OX2, a leading wind-farm developer in the north of Europe, for a 33MW wind farm. The wind farm in Orrberget in S ...

Fontavis beteiligt sich im Namen von UBS-CEIS an der grössten Photovoltaikanlage in der Schweiz

Fontavis Participates in Largest Photovoltaic System in Switzerland on Behalf of UBS CEIS

18.12.2017 | News

aventron, UBS Clean Energy Infrastructure Switzerland (UBS CEIS) and Swiss Solar City take over the largest photovoltaic system in Switzerland. The solar power ...

Fontavis erwirbt für UBS-CEIS 2 eine Beteiligung an Swisspower Renewables

Fontavis Acquires Holding in Swisspower Renewables for UBS CEIS 2

07.12.2017 | Media Release

The successful associated company Swisspower Renewables AG starts the next investment phase with a new shareholder, UBS Clean Energy Infrastructure Switzerland ...

Fontavis unterzeichnet Kaufvertrag für 21.6 MW Windpark Stigshöjden in Schweden

Fontavis Signs Purchase Agreement for 21.6MW Stigshöjden Wind Farm in Sweden

14.11.2017 | Media Release

Fontavis, a Swiss asset management company in the energy and infrastructure sector, has concluded a contract with OX2 for six assets in Stigshöjden with a tota ...

Fontavis ist Portfolio Manager des neu lancierten Anlagelösung UBS-CEIS 2

Fontavis is Portfolio Manager of Newly Launched UBS CEIS 2 Investment Solution

19.09.2017 | Media Release

FONTAVIS and UBS launch another joint investment solution with a seed capital of CHF 150 million. The 10 institutional investors include private and public pen ...

Startschuss für Trianel Offshore Windpark ist gefallen

Starting Signal Given for Trianel Offshore Windpark

07.04.2017 | Media Release

On 7.4.2017, the 20 companies from Germany and Switzerland approved the construction for the offshore wind farm. The Trianel Windpark Borkum II, in which Fonta ...

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