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4th closing with an additional 95 million CHF of subscriptions

21.03.2019 | News

Together with UBS we managed to gain numerous new investors for our UBS Clean Energy Infrastructure Switzerland 2. This brings the current subscriptions to a t ...

Millennials als Treiber der Energiewende?

Millennials as Drivers of the Energy Turnaround?

28.02.2019 | News

A recent study showed that young people want companies whose decisions generate a positive impact. Thomas Schmid and Eliane Riner of Fontavis explain in the in ...

"Im Fokus" 4. Ausgabe - Was zeichnet Offshorewindenergie aus?

"In Focus" 4th issue - What characterises Offshore Wind Energy?

12.02.2019 | Research

What are the Investor Benefits? Learn about the rapid rate of technical innovation in our latest Edition of "In Focus".

"Im Fokus" 3. Ausgabe - Onshorewind in Kürze erklärt

"In Focus" 3rd issue - Onshore Wind Energy explained in a Nutshell

08.01.2019 | Research

What distinguishes wind energy from other renewable technologies? What is the current status of onshore wind development in Europe? How does the business model ...

Fontavis erwirbt 17.5MW Windpark "Bondön" an der Küste Norrbottens, Schweden

Fontavis acquires 17.5MW wind farm "Bondön" in the Gulf of Bothnia, Sweden

18.12.2018 | Media Release

Fontavis acquires the operational wind farm "Bondön" in Sweden. The 7 turbines have a total capacity of 17.5 MW and produce electricity for around 13,000 house ...

Helvetia Environnement Groupe SA baut modernste Recycling-Anlage der Schweiz

Helvetia Environnement Groupe SA to build Switzerland's most modern recycling plant

17.12.2018 | News

Helvetia Environnement, one of 13 investments by UBS Clean Energy-Infrastructure Switzerland KGK, is building a high-tech recycling plant in Satigny covering a ...

Heizwerk Uri erhöht Kapazität mit weiterem Holzofen

Heizwerk Uri increases capacity with additional furnace

12.12.2018 | News

Heizwerk Uri AG has installed a second biomass furnace in its wood heating plant to cover the increasing number of heat connections.

Ende der ersten Bauphase Borkum II in Sicht

End of the first construction phase Borkum II in sight

29.11.2018 | News

We are on the home straight of the first construction phase in the Trianel wind farm. The ewz together with Fontavis, EWE and 17 municipal utilities are involv ...

Zukunftsweisende Partnerschaft beim Wärmeverbund Huttwil

Future-oriented partnership for the Disctrict Heating Network Huttwil

15.11.2018 | Media Release

Renercon Huttwil AG, owner of the Huttwil district heating network, has gained a strong strategic shareholder in UBS Clean Energy Infrastructure Switzerland 2 ...

Änderung bei Fontavis AG in Verwaltungsrat und Geschäftsleitung

Change at Fontavis AG in Board of Directors and Management

02.10.2018 | Media Release

The founding partner, Beat Huber, has been elected to the Fontavis Board of directors after Roland Leuenberger resigned as member of the Board of directors and ...

Interview mit Thomas Schmid in Holzenergie

Interview with Thomas Schmid on Biomass Energy from Wood

01.10.2018 | News

After the shock of the oil crises, on 14.12.1979, associations from the forest and timber industry and energy technology, together with scientific experts, the ...

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