Green electricity portfolios

For electricity generation, hydropower is the most important renewable energy
source in Switzerland by far. Thanks to the high rainfall and a variety of sources, Switzerland is the water tower of Europe. The power of water is also used in many other countries and provides a significant proportion of the electricity generation. Operating power plants and building new power plants requires expertise. Fontavis is invested in several mixed portfolios for customers which include hydroelectric, wind and solar power plants. Fontavis participates in the following green-electricity portfolios for customer portfolios: 


Country Europe/Switzerland
Year 2016
Technology Hydropower & Renewables

Aventron is an associated company which owns and operates over 30 hydro, around 100 wind and around 100 solar power plants in Europe. The company acquires as majority stakeholder and operates plants which are either ready for construction or pre-existing. In the long term, Aventron wants to be one of the leading independent producers of green energy.


swisspower renewables

Country Europe
Year 2017
Technology Hydropower & Renewables

Swisspower Renewables is an associated company founded by municipal utilities which invests in production plants of renewable energy. Swisspower Renewables AG currently operates over 30 hydroelectric power plants, and over 20 wind farms in Italy and Germany. These power plants produce over 600GWh of electricity from renewable sources every year.