Investment programs

Our core business is the identification, due diligence and execution of direct investments in clean energy and infrastructure companies as well as their monitoring and asset management. The investment programs and funds managed by Fontavis offer institutional and qualified investors access to diversified and risk-adjusted portfolios of excellent, unlisted Clean Energy and Infrastructure companies in Switzerland and Europe. In addition to funds and other collective investments, we also manage tailor-made asset management mandates and co-investment programmes for qualified investors.

UBS Clean Energy Infrastructure Switzerland


Investments in non-listed companies for energy production, energy efficiency and utilities.   


Country  Switzerland
Year  2012

 closed, fully invested

UBS Clean Energy Infrastructure Switzerland


Successor investment solution that builds on the proven track record of UBS-CEIS.

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 Switzerland & Europe

Year  2017
Status  closed, investment   phase

fontavis scs sicav raif -

renewable infrastructure fund eUROPE ("Forte")



Direct investments in clean energy and infrastructure assets in the EU/EFTA/UK and companies with operations in renewable energy, energy efficiency, infrastructure, utilities and waste management.




Country  EU, EFTA, UK
Year  2017
Status  closed, investment   phase