Our Responsible Investment Approach

In addition to economic criteria, more and more environmental, social and governance aspects (ESG) are influencing the development and management of investment portfolios. At Fontavis, we aim to achieve our clients' investment objectives and a positive and sustainable investment impact in terms of ESG. We do this by directly exercising shareholders' rights and by contributing our know-how by serving on the Board of Directors of our investments. Our actions are guided by the best interests of our investors and aligned with appropriate remuneration principles. Our business activities and our investments are based on our sustainability code and should be economically successful as well as socially and ecologically meaningful.


Furthermore, ESG factors are integrated in the fund’s investment and asset management processes. Our Investment and Asset Managers perform an ESG Assessment for our investments in order to assess the companies / asset’s management of risks emerging from environmental, social and governance factors. Through a dedicated ESG due diligence questionnaire, we cover various ESG Key Topics and score them in an appropriate way.


Our funds are committed to responsible, sustainable investments. In addition, and to further improve the management of sustainability risks, the following exclusions apply to our fund’s portfolio:


  • No investments shall be made in nuclear power plants
  • No investments shall be made in coal-fired power plants
  • No investments shall be made in pilot and demonstration plants


To gain a deeper inside into our responsible investment approach please also refer to the Homepage of our Divison Swiss Life Asset Managers:


Responsible Investment


Transparency on sustainability factors