In addition to economic criteria, more and more social, ecological and ethical aspects (ESG) are influencing the development and management of investment portfolios. At Fontavis, we aim to achieve our clients' investment objectives and achieve a positive and sustainable investment impact in terms of ESG. We do this by directly exercising shareholders' rights and by contributing our know-how by serving on the Board of Directors of our investments. In this way, we can help ESG criteria to achieve a direct breakthrough. ESG is not a fashionable term for us, but hard work and constant dialogue with all stakeholders.

Our Opinion

Our business activities and our investments should be economically successful as well as socially and ecologically meaningful. Therefore, our actions are characterized by the following characteristics:


  • Contribution to securing and diversifying future sustainable energy supplies
  • Focus on investable countries/regions where employee rights, equal rights and legal certainty are ensured and controllable
  • Close cooperation with the local authorities and the citizens for maximum acceptance as well as early involvement of environmental associations in (large-scale) projects


Explicitly excluded:

  • Direct investments in nuclear power plants
  • Direct investments in companies with predominantly fossil-fuelled facilities (with the exception of redundancy and construction)
  • Real estate and other properties
  • Pilot plants and pilot technologies