Investment approach

With a long-term and conservative investment approach, we offer clients an attractive investment opportunity. We create added value through active influence in the strategic bodies of the investments and through operational improvements. Clients benefit from a broad network of local and international energy companies, political authorities, project developers and financial experts and share the conviction that this requires a great deal of commitment, experience and knowledge.

Investment competence

Broad-based expertise and operational know-how in clean energy, infrastructure and finance is the cornerstone for achieving our clients' investment goals.

creating value

The strategy is geared to regular distributions, moderate value appreciation and risk  diversification. We contribute our expertise to the Board of Directors of the subsidiaries. Shareholders' rights are exercised and not delegated.



We build on constructive and long-term partnerships with customers, project developers, energy companies, investors, authorities and other stakeholders.



We work together with external partners, but have our own unbiased opinion.




Companies in which we participate are financed on a long-term basis and are supported and accompanied in their development with a great deal of foresight.


Risk management

This process forms the basis for ensuring that the portfolios meet investors' requirements, particularly with regard to diversification, transparency, fees and compliance with investment guidelines.